Revised Versions of my Quick Bursts of Writing Strategy Posters

Hello again!       Here are the latest versions of my Quick Bursts of writing across the curriculum strategy posters.  My district has adopted these as "enduring routines" to try to get more thoughtful writing going on every day across the curriculum in all classrooms.  We've seen some great success and students are much more fluent and confident.  We're working hard to turn writing into a must-do learning/thinking essential--as it should be!  The Common Core standards will also help make that happen, I'm sure.

Enjoy!  And, feel free to share your thoughts!  P.S.  I'll be posting many more downloadable/printable resources to google docs.  :)

Quick Writes strategy poster:

Thinking Boxes strategy poster:

Quick Jots strategy poster:

Quick Tries strategy poster:

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