Stella Writes GIVEAWAY!

I want to celebrate the success of the Stella Writes books with a little giveaway!  If you are interested, CLICK HERE.  I'll pick a winner randomly tomorrow night.

I'm thrilled that #SDE4educators is devoting so much press to the Stella series.  Unfortunately, I still need to get the word out about these wonderful books.  If you teach writing in the primary grades, Stella can help make your job easier and increase your students' joy and success.  See the sidebar of this blog to checkout all the Stella titles.  If you know and love Stella, would you help me spread the word about these books to your colleagues?

We also put together a set of instructional posters with key points for each text type from the Stella Writes books. 

Thanks for your support!  Here's to writing every day with students!
Have a fantastic evening,
P.S. I plan to post on this blog more regularly now that I'm taking a bit of a break from extra-curricular publishing :)  Stay tuned for some informative posts and some super exciting announcements!


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