Back to school is such a busy time!  I've been thinking about all the wonderful online resources at our fingertips and how little time we have to peruse them and put the best of what we find to work!  On that note, have you seen Jim Trelease's website?  Awesome downloadable resources, thought-provoking articles, video, etc. (scroll down on the homepage to "Site Highlights").

Have you tried making a Prezi  (  I just posted one on the topic of "Writing to Learn."  Check it out here:  (Coaches:  you might use this with your teachers to spark a discussion of quick opportunities to write across the curriculum.)

Teachers, here's an idea:  have students collect important quotes and notes on a topic they're studying or from a book they are reading, then create a prezi to show relationships and big ideas.  I had a super time making mine (the technology is uber-easy to use), investing quite a bit of thinking to make it all come together.  Good higher-order thinking combined with fun for our students=motivation and quality learning! 

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