There are words to be written
and words to be read
there are times to forgive
and times to forget
there are lines that are seeping
right out of my soul
there are feelings and ragings
beyond my control
though I live to serve others
I don't serve myself
inside I've been taught 
to deliver, not melt
but this life bears scars
that haunt me at night
they have robbed me of love
they have robbed me of light.
Though change has arrived
I live with this ache
dreading and waiting
for something to break
It's the grip of the past
it's the grim that is left
it's the leftover torture
hardwired in my breast
don't look behind now
just look ahead
of that I am sure
but too easily said.
                  --Janiel Wagstaff   7/22


  1. Wow, this poem speaks volumes about the complexities of life and the battles within oneself. The emotions depicted here are so raw and relatable. It's amazing how the words flow and resonate with the inner struggles many of us face.

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  4. This poem resonates deeply with me. It's as if I'm juggling my past and present, trying to Pay someone to take my online class while wrestling with my own inner demons. The words are a mirror to my soul, reflecting the struggle of moving forward while being held back by the past.

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