Winners in the Stella Writes giveaway, May 13, 2018.
     Hello!  I'm happy to announce we have our winners in the Stella Writes Teacher Appreciation Giveaway.  Over two hundred entries came in from this blog, my Literacy Matters Facebook page, my Stella Writes Facebook page, and my Instagram account (@janielwagstaff)! My son, Max, wanted to do a good old-fashioned drawing from a hat, so that's just what we did.  You can see the one minute video of him drawing the names HERE.  
     The winners of are:  Kristen Cawley, Kemberle Brown-Jones, Maria Laccarino, Msbakerteach, and Tamara Oliver Westmoreland.  Congratulations!  Since the books come out in mid-June, you'll receive the set then.  Please email me at for details.
     Thanks again to SDE for their initial publication of the Stella Writes series and now to Scholastic for taking the books forward.  I'll be doing an author signing and launch at the Scholastic booth at ILA in Austin in July (more details on that to come).  Thanks to everyone who entered and for all the support shown for these four wonderful books!
Happy reading/writing/thinking and Happy Mother's Day!

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