Poetry Friday: Boy Of Eight Year's Time

Hello!  It's Poetry Friday!
Still in draft form...needs something (suggestions welcomed!) :

Boy of Eight Year's Time
Nose to nose
that boy
he grows,
eight years old.
Skinny boy
Drama boy
Stubborn boy
Humor boy
Boy of mess-making.
The house,
an unlimited playground.

an airline,
from living room to
dining room to
Little cardboard planes
flew to exotic destinations,
like Phoenix.
a mine of gems,
rubies and emeralds,
from beneath the couch.
The brown berber carpet
holds a paradise of promise
for this
boy of imagination.
Boy of eight year’s time.

© Janiel Wagstaff

For the life of me, I can't find where he put Phoenix!

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  1. I don't think I have any suggestions. I love the way it flows- the bookend lines at either end, the repetition of "boy" then the specificity in the description of his play. Wait, I guess I do have one suggestion- hold onto these moments, they will go way too fast and you will blink and he will be in middle school!

  2. Carol,
    How nice of you to write. Thanks for your response--I wondered if I should include at least one more example of his imaginative play. I hear you on the 'holding on to the moments'--he is growing and changing so fast. His presence certainly seems to have put time on fast-forward! I write poetry to try to hold on to the moments and I take a lot of photos. Best to you and your middle schooler! -Janiel


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