Okay.  Here I am living in Utah and not attending the Colorado Council of the International Reading Association's conference every year?!  Where have I been?  Hello!  This conference was amazing, and apparently the stellar lineup of events, presenters and authors like they had this year is the norm.  The NORM!  (See what I mean here: ) I'm glad it only took me 26 years of teaching to discover this.  At least I get it now.

I had an amazing time learning with old friends and new friends.  Thought I'd share this quick post for anyone who attended my session on Quick Bursts of Writing Across the Curriculum today.  I saw lots of teachers snapping pictures of several slides...  Though many downloads are available here on Quick Bursts, I forgot to mention the writing posters I showed are freely available, as well. Sorry, when I saw the cameras flashing, I should have said something.  Staying up until 2 AM last night (working, of course) surely affected my ability to respond to the cues in my environment (a.k.a. DUH! and Sorry!).  At least I'm making up for it now, right?

There are more 'posters' in the document than pictured below.  Link here:

Have a great evening!  And, here's a cheer to CCIRA!  Nice work everyone!


  1. Hi Janiel! I was at your presentation and thought you did a wonderful job. Thanks for adding to the CCIRA brilliance. I am presenting the strategies to my staff and was wondering if it was possible to get a few of the student examples from your slides to share. I think the staff would respond better if they had some strong examples. Thanks. Katelynn.

  2. Hi Katelynn! Thanks so much for your kind comments! I loved all the CCIRA brilliance, too! Which of my presentations did you attend? Also, what type of samples are you most interested in? Happy to help. :)


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