We Give You Books

Just thinking about eager hands reaching out for free books.  This time of year, I love to wrap them in festive paper and tie them up in shiny ribbons.  Thanks to all those who donate to our school.   

We Give You Books

We give you books because
we care you read
read to become a reader,
read to be fully privileged in this world of written words.
Doesn't matter where you come from, reader,
only matters where you're going.
You decide.
Books help.

You can 
read to be filled with stories so great you long to relive them.
You can
read to wonder,
and your wonders matter.
What do you want to know?  
What do you want to be?
What do you not want to be?

You can
read to see you are like others,
read to know you are not like others.
Read to escape,
read to find yourself.
Read to have conversations,
read to feel quiet in the noise.

A book is not going away.
You can take it to bed
and it will be there in the morning.

When you cart home your nonperishable food
for the weekend
and you're on the couch with a book and your peanut butter,
that book means someone also wants to feed your soul.

You matter that much to us.
You matter so much, 
we give you books. 

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