Poetry Month: Honoring L & R

Happy Poetry Month!  Three poems are posted here in celebration.  These first two are by "L," a second grade poet I had in my class several years ago...

As you can see, L had a knack for imagery, simplicity and profundity--putting words together in innovative ways.  We have a wall labeled "Poetry Place" in our classroom--a sort of 'open microphone' for anytime poetry.  I start the year with poetry on purpose.  Students experience quick success, surprise themselves and each other, smile about writing and get hooked!  I model jotting some words to capture small moments, reread my developing pieces with 'poetry reverence' (you can make almost anything sound good depending on your tone and timing) and things take off from there.  L planned to publish her small moment poetry in a book (that's why you see the edited spelling).  Tonight, I honor L, and think of the many little poets I've had the joy of working with over the years.  Where are they now?  Do they still compose poetry?

Pencils move
and stop
ceiling stares
to capture small moments
hanging there?

Here, here!
This wall is reserved
just for you
Post your thoughts
        your minutes 
        your imaginings.
We want to hear them.
Together we grow.

I am lonely
I power up and post
remembering little writers
brave, risk takers
Who have they become?
In a world so connected
it is oddly silent.
And lastly, one of my favorites from L's twin sister R.  She wrote this after we took a "Poetry Walk."  It was the first snowy day of the season so we grabbed our clipboards and went outside to see what we could capture.

Love that kind of capturing!  Have you captured any small moments today?


  1. Actually, Janiel, the haiku were written by R.'s twin sister, Livvy, also in your class. The 'Father Winter" poem was written by Rosie. They are in college now, with totally different lives and this is the first time that Liv has been noticed on her own. A cautionary tale for parents of twins, I suppose, but this happened constantly until they graduated from high school, whether they were in different classes or the same. It became kind of a family joke by the time they were in junior high. Eventually, every time Rosie received an award, she just took it graciously and then shared the prize. This is the stuff of which future psychotherapy sessions are made! :) I told them that you included their poetry on your page and they were both extremely honored. They asked me to send you their love, as you were their favorite elementary school teacher EVER!

  2. I was hoping you'd see this post. I'll fix it right away. So sorry. I'd love to see some of their current writings!
    Send them both my love, too! So nice to hear from you.

  3. Livvy is working on a final Anthropology paper right now. She says I should send it to you, as it is completely a work of fiction! :) Ms. Wag. and Mrs. Frizzle on an epic par in our family history. Thank you for everything!!!

  4. No, thank you! I've always loved your family's sense of humor. Tell Livvy I'd be happy to take a look--anthropological fiction sounds interesting!


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