Now for a Challenge: More Poetry Fun

The other day I posted about an easy method for helping children write poetry (see April 24th post).  How about something challenging today? 
Lemonade: and Other Poems Squeezed from a Single WordThis idea comes from a wonderful book (pictured above).
You take a word, then use the letters it contains to write a poem related to the topic.  Bob Raczka provides a compelling prologue in which he explains he found such a poem on the internet which inspired him to write the volume Lemonade.   An example from Bob: 

cr  a   ve
   r   t    (creative   I crave art)

An example I came up with (and, yes, they can be a lot longer--Bob has several lengthy ones in the book):
                t  s    (mathematics     I  see stats)

 Our sixth graders gave this a try--some working on different words/poems throughout the day.  Below, two examples written by Ally.  (Note:  the formatting follows Raczka's.  Each letter in the poem is written underneath the position in which it occurs in the word at the top of the page--this makes them more challenging to read/figure out (the kids loved this!).

(rain clouds           sounds loud)

(American    I  am  in  America)

Give it a try!   Have the kiddos, this may keep your brain popping all evening!  If you come up with something, post it here!  I'd love to share other examples with our students! 


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