Friday Night Professional Development

     Ha!  It's Friday night and I'm watching a replay of Pam Allyn's webcast about classroom management in the reading/writing classroom (based on her Scholastic book from 2010).   Does this make me a nerd?  Here's the fun part.  Max had to get in on the action.  So, he wore one earphone and I wore the other :)
     Pam is so insightful and this webcast will reaffirm so much for so many teachers.  I especially love what she has to say about boys and how we need to honor their interests and choices and make the right kinds of texts available to them.  One point she makes is that browsing a book like the Guinness Book of World Records actually helps students with 21st Century skills since this is so akin to browsing on the internet.  Too often we downplay the value of this type of reading in favor of something we feel is more "scholarly."  But, interest and choice is, of course, HUGE, in helping readers and writers achieve at high levels.  And, valuing varied types of texts and purposes for reading is HUGE in helping children craft their own reading and writing lives (inside and outside of school).  The webcast is well worth watching...even as Friday night entertainment!  Thanks Pam!

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