Applause for Chris Van Dusen (from 2nd graders!)

Product DetailsApplause!  Applause?  Applause!  I read a picture book to a second grade class today and they broke out into applause!  It was a fantastic moment.  What’s the book, you ask?  The Circus Ship by Chris Van Dusen.  I must also recommend his book If I Built A Car…essential reading for boys young and old(er).  Oh, and since I went on to find the link for The Circus Ship, I see Mr. Van Dusen has just published Randy Riley’s Really Big Hit…which upon previewing looks like another surefire win for boys (yeah, so, I ordered that one, too).  I only learned of Van Dusen this year and am so glad I did.  His books have great rhyme and rhythm—fun to read aloud—and are full of wonderful Tier II vocabulary.  Better than that, they’re clever and always leave kids talking.  The students were so enthralled with The Circus Ship (I’ll let you read and see why), they couldn’t wait to get their hands on the book and examine it more closely.  Ha!  So fun to leave a read-aloud on the chalk tray and invite kids to get a closer look then have to jump out of the way to avoid the mob (in which case, of course, wise educators create a sign-up sheet).

Happy Reading!  (P.S. Max is snoring, perhaps dreaming “If I built a car…”)


  1. What a great thing for them to applaud. I looked it up on Amazon & put it on my wish list. Thanks for the heads up on this author, too.

  2. This sounds like a wonderful book. I love his book, If I Built a Car. It's so imaginative and fun. I love your grabber lead and questioing the reader. It was like you read my mind.


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