New Poem on Old Teaching: Cleaning A School Filing Cabinet

Spent an hour
After school
Cleaning out leftovers
In a school filing cabinet
Of old teaching
In new, neat hanging folders

Tons and tons of
Pre-reading sheets
Vocabulary matching
Fill-in-the blank
More fill-in-the blank
Did you understand the story?
If so, fill-in-the blank
Page after page after page
File after file after file
Already copied for a year, maybe two
Or three
For every story
Like nothing ever changes
And all there is to do
Match and
Fill-in-the blank
And check if off
I was bored
I was just throwing them away
File after file after file
All I kept were the paperclips.
Imagine having to do them all
Story after story
After story
After story…

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  1. Hi Janiel, I finally see a way to comment. I've tried several times in the past days & couldn't do it. I love the way you presented the story, on & on throwing away what doesn't work, what we don't do anymore. And love 'all I kept are the paperclips'.


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